Monday, November 10, 2008

How To Set Up a Strong Action Plan

In this article I will outline how to set up a strong action plan which will help you to achieve the goals you have set up.

To be able to set up an action plan we need a strong goal and, which is very important, a strong will to achieve it. Without a strong will it is impossible to reach any goal whatsoever. A lot of people set up goals and get very disappointed when they do not achieve them. Image a NHL team who has set up the goal to win Stanley Cup, but do not show up at the hockey arena for playing the games. Do you thing they will win Stanley Cup? Should not think so.

Unfortunately many people expect that they will increase their sales, build up their customer list, get better finances or succeed in something other without doing anything. They get disappointed in themselves or in others and give up their goal and vision before they actually have given it a shot.

The key to improving your results and to succeed is to create a strong action plan that is related to your goals and vision. Of course you must also stick to the plan and perform the necessary activities.

What should you start with?

1. Set a date when the goal shall be achieved (i.e. a deadline)
2. Find out what activities you need to carry out to achieve the goal
3. Break down the action plan from an overall level to detailed level. Start with what needs to happen during a year, then per month and per week.
4. For each weekly planning you shall now break down this to six daily activities you need to carry out to reach your goal
5. Execute the six daily activities before you do anything else each day
6. If you follow this formula you have created a lot of spare time for other things in life

Note that the activites you define in your action plan shall bring you closer to your goal. For example, do NOT set up an activity like Read Email, or Accounting, if they do not contribute directly to achieve you goal. All such administrative tasks should not be part of your action plan.

When breaking down the week into daily activities, it can look like this.

1. Call an existing customer
2. Call a potential customer (lead)
3. Make a sale to a customer
4. Call 10 cold calls
5. Work on personal development 30 minutes
6. Perform a presentation (e.g. at a seminar or to somebody)

Summarize your activities at the end of each day to make sure all of them are executed. If you do this the right way, you will create habits that are more efficient and successful.

Good Luck!


Vanessa said...

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