Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Writing The Perfect Book Report

Writing a book report sounds fairly simple till the time you are actually expected to do one at school by your teacher. The start is fairly simple read the book which needs to be reviewed. But after that what is one supposed to do? Confusion, bewilderment and inertia sets in and you start to wonder whether you will ever be able to accomplish this task which you set out to do. Rather than grounded yourself to a halt or raving in desperation at the impending deadline for your submission look for templates and examples.

Ask other people who have done book reports as to how they had proceeded after reading the book. You could ask your teacher or mentor, your parents or elder siblings or a friend. You could probably ask the librarian since she is sure to have done a book report at some time in her life.

There are numerous books which explain in detail about how book reports should be tackled and approached. One such book that you might want to refer to is How to write Terrific Book Reports by Elizabeth James. This Student Survival Guide explains what a book report is and the main definitions and descriptions required. It also includes lessons on how to choose a book for reviewing, how to use the library and also how to read the book and what to notice while doing so. It also provides sample book reports as a test case.

Another such book is How to Write Book Reports by Dawn B. Sova and Harry Teitelbaum. This book is similar to that by James but also includes the difference between reports and reviews and how to take notes for writing a book report.

Though the Internet is an excellent platform for all information, to write your report learn from the gurus and choose the site from which you judiciously. Only refer to sites which are likely to be genuine and effective. It is important to do so since there may be many sites which may be a sham and provide fake information. Some of the sites which you might find useful are TeensPoint.org, TeenInk.com (which has more than 600 book reviews), and NancyMatson.com (which along with reviews offers a recommended book of the month).

You may choose any or all of the sources to refer to for your book review but the fun is in writing your own report and verbalizing your options and perceptions rather than copying it from someone else.


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