Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secret to Successful Marriage

What actually caused the collapse a wedding? According to a research, couples who divorced, initially triggered by only a small fracas.

According to a survey conducted in the United States, nearly 90 percent of couples in the era 2000 experience this failure in the first marriage.

The causes, many triggered by small things that eventually become a great squabbling husband and wife pair on it.

Tragisnya, divorce nowadays is the withdrawal, such as fashion trends, which can be from infecting one other pair to pair.

Survey also found that a child of divorced parents, have great potential for the divorce, when he later married.

What is the problem to be seated? Most divorced couples confess, financial problems become the number two reason for ending marriage relationship. While the first reason is, perselingkuhan.

There is a principle that says, "never bring up emotional issues and to bed." This is true, according to Shae Graham Kosch, PhD, a personality test, in Florida, the University, the couple who divorced usually gravitate to the problems brought to bed. When is the best solution, always think positive and listen to and discuss problems with the pair without any criticism or blame each other.

There are a few tips landing Carolyn Gerard, a therapeutist marriage and family that you can follow:

  • First time with the pair. If there is a problem, sit down with the root of the problem discussed ago before the draw.
  • Be careful in the discussion. Before the throw-sensitive topics, remind myself to always keep your feelings, so that there is no confrontation.
  • Give attention to the pair in a manner that is feasible.
  • Out of the discussion argued, if the start to the fracas. This attitude in order to prevent the pair became very limit.
  • Remember the rules "Five to One", which means you are encouraged to make 'positive expressions' or' expressions of love ', as much as 5 times a day for your spouse and relationship.


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