Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Women want to date with 7 Professional Men.

Marriage is not a disgrace to become, or should know sadness. Capture its wisdom, so you can recognize many men of different character and profession.

Marriage is not to become a need to close the heart. Thus this time to get to know you more man. Take advantage of your loneliness with the date and identify the men. Maybe you can try dating men with work such as this.

1. Fire officers
This profession can be a hero as a willing sacrifice life and sport. Men who worked as a fire, can not be separated from the uniform special wrapping to protect it from fire, violent attacks. They are not afraid and will never willingly give up anything for the woman who is in love.

2. A detective
Imagine how it seems if you're dating with men like James Bond or Mac Gyver? You will always feel safe in the side. Men usually work full risk like this, will be very romantic when he can spend time with his heart moorings.

3. Interpreters Cook
Men who worked as a chef is usually very creative to make female. For example, he is not reluctant to cook something special to spoil your tongue. They are also sensual, as with professional experience to many kinds of spices and cooking with full feeling and imagination.

4. Pilot
Let's fly a delusion if you date with a pilot. Be prepared to traverse the various parts of the world while 'flying' pierce the sky with him beside you. Very beautiful and romantic is not it? Moreover, imagine if the pilot wearing his uniform with the stout.

5. Yoga instructor
If this date with a man, you will get the balance between life and sport. Professional men such as this, it is terrific to provide peace and tranquility in the heart to its beloved. Because the moment they have a right to control the emotional mental and spiritual. Yoga instructors usually have ideal body postures that are longed for each women.

6. Fiddler
Men who wrestle with the music, no doubt definitely romantic. But they are usually sensitive, but the smart hide emotions. Identical with the violin romantic classical music. Men like this are usually reserved and will only express his feelings through music wave nan excellent.

7. Photographers

Men who love art photographer, will take you on things that have not been extraordinary, and you think about before. Due to their imagination and learn to think 'out of the box'. They also love to and adore a beauty. If you want your life more colorful and full of dynamics.


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